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About Pre-Lite

Pre-Lite is a family business specializing in high-quality, smart and sustainable LED lighting for a CO2neutral future.
We work together with other family businesses in various European countries, which means that we can also serve customers with international branches.
Our many years of experience and expertise in producing, supplying and maintaining LED lighting guarantees the highest quality, the best service and guarantee, as well as 100% satisfied customers.
We deliver our sustainable and high-quality LED solutions at thebest priceBut without sacrificing the quality of our services. Our friendly and helpful staff is always ready to support you in word and deed.


Homeowner associations and corporations

At VVE complexes and housing corporations, there are many common areas, such as the central entrance, galleries, stairwells, storage rooms and parking garages. Residents like neat and well-lit common areas ...

Educational institutions

Students, teachers and teachers in educational buildings are in great demand emotionally, cognitively and physically. Factors such as creativity, responsiveness, communication ability and performance are gaining importance. Only when light meets high quality criteria ...

utility Buildings

As an owner or manager of utility buildings, it is necessary to consider the lighting. These are often public buildings, such as government buildings, hospitals, care centers, libraries, schools, etc.

Offices and businesses

The ideal office lighting should ensure that employees enjoyable, productive, safe and healthy to do their work.
Good and healthy lighting also supports people's biorhythm, which translates into better concentration ...

Lighting advice without obligation

We specialize in lighting. Want a free light advice from us, click on the button and enter your details below and we will contact you!

Our people

aad Koudijs

Aad is the director and founder of Pre-Lite and has over 35 years experience in the lighting and electrical technology. He is one of the pioneers in the field of LED lighting in the Netherlands and his experience and expertise ensures very satisfied customers. The work of Aad consist of:
- design and technical developments of LED luminaires and accessories;
- purchasing and international contacts with manufacturers;
- lighting advice and sales.

Aad offers an innovative and suitable solution for every customer situation!

Monique Koudijs

Monique is the "centipede" and "spider in the web" at Pre-Lite and responsible for the entire office staff and administration. First contact with Monique Pre-Lite allows for answering your questions in various fields.
Monique's activities include:
- administration, invoicing and quotations;
- customer service and marketing
- automation

You can always contact Monique for an appropriate answer to your questions!

Aad Koudijs jr.

After years of experience gained in various positions at other companies, makes Aad Jr. For some time a member of the Pre-Lite team.
The work of Aad Jr. include:
- stock management and warehouse;
- logistics and operational matters;
- customer service and after sales.

At Aad Jr. the timely and correct delivery of your order is in good hands!

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Latest news

Pre-Lite Led as a Service

LED as a Service

Professionele LED armaturen as a service Heeft u alle kennis in huis? Goede verlichting van uw wooncomplex, kantoorpand of gebouw is onmisbaar, maar ook een grote uitdaging. Voor verlichting in openbare gebouwen gelden duidelijke richtlijnen, maar er zijn maar weinig...
Pre-Lite wenst u een fijne zomervakantie

Tot na de Zomervakantie!

Zomervakantie 2020... Lekker naar het buitenland zit er misschien niet in, maar natuurlijk doen we het rustig aan! Toe aan vakantie Bij Pre-lite gaan we de komende weken genieten van een welverdiende vakantie. Daar zijn we wel aan toe want de coronacrisis heeft er...

Nooit meer zoeken naar de nooduitgang. Pre-Lite wijst de weg!

In panden waar veel mensen bijeenkomen is een veilige vluchtroute een wettelijke verplichting. In geval van nood moet iedereen snel naar buiten kunnen. Als de elektriciteit uitvalt kan er paniek ontstaan en moet je er van op aan kunnen dat de noodverlichting het...

LED Parkeergarageverlichting, slimmer kunnen we het niet maken

De LED Tri-Proof verlichting Serie Maas van Pre-Lite heeft het allemaal! Door het gebruik van slimme sensoren, timers en/of dimmers, zorgen we ervoor dat er in de parkeergarage altijd voldoende licht schijnt op het juiste moment. Niet minder, maar ook niet meer. Op...

Looking for LED fixture? Request a demo!

Save 60 to 90 percent on your energy bill With our smart solutions, real estate managers, VVEs and other companies can save up to 60 to 90 percent on their energy bill. Of course you don't have to take that from us just like that. Before you invest, ...

HOA's in times of crisis. How can we help?

Now is the time It is precisely now that you as VvE want to create a pleasant living environment for your members. Many people are forced to stay at home, so it is more important than ever to ensure a relaxed, safe atmosphere in the complex. Good lighting in the stairwell, ...

This is how we deal with the corona virus

The impact of the corona crisis is enormous. At Pre-Lite we do everything we can to continue to help our customers as well as possible. We are still open and have taken the necessary measures to continue our services safely. Faults ...

Vleuten safer thanks PreLite

PreLite has been commissioned by Vivada Properties / MVGM to adjust the lighting of a large number of aisles in Vleuten. It concerns the paths behind the houses in the Teunisbloemlaan, Veldbloemlaan, hinge flower path, Trompetbloemlaan and Globebloemlaan. All aisles ...

PreLite provides new lighting Globeplein

The inhabitants of Almere Buiten can breathe a sigh of relief. The Globeplein in Almere has new lighting. PreLite has equipped all buildings with smart LED lighting that can be fully adjusted remotely with remote control. The square now also looks ...

Successful project Tuinweg Hoofddorp

Commissioned by Amvest RCF Custodian and MVGM Wonen, PreLite has equipped all buildings on Tuinweg in Hoofddorp with smart LED lighting. The contemporary, reliable lighting provides a pleasant, safe living environment in which everyone feels at home. And...